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Welcome to Blue Ray Consulting Services

After a very exciting period of growth and development (including expansion to the cyber world), BlueRay Consulting Services (BRCS) has launched the .com website to a global audience in 2012. 

We are eager to welcome new fans to our growing list of happy customers and look back fondly on the time spent with the customers where we have delivered on promises and surpassed expectations.

From 2011 we have been working with Lonmin to reach different goals in various areas of training and development:

  • over 250 new e-learning courses and training material throughout different departments were developed, by working closely with reviewing committees and subject matter experts.
  • extensive training manuals for newly integrated systems were built.
  • training on various topics were presented, and satisfactory evaluations were the result.

We have truly delivered a product to be proud of and our involvement extended into delivering newly developed material in presentations and training sessions. We were fortunate to experience first-hand the difference that the new material is making where it matters most, the end user.

It is always with great pleasure that we are able to stand back and look at a volume of work completed and realize the ripple effects thereof. Making a crucial impact is often as simple as ensuring that the product that you deliver is truly meeting the needs of your customer. Surpassing expectation….well, that is a bonus!

Other successful customer engagements include support on ANCILE uPerform (Then known as RWD) or known to many as SAP Productivity Pack (SPP) for Shoprite Checkers and developing a training strategy for the Asset Stabilization project of Transnet as an Independent Contractor for SAP SA.

Adding to our growing list of satisfied customers, we have also collaborated with Britehouse on several projects (still on-going):


  • McDonalds – HCM training development and delivery
  • Imperial Wave 2 Training development and delivery of SAP Navigation, MM, FI, CO, SD, EWM, PM, TM and Soft Skills training for Train-the-Trainer approach.  The WPB tool was used. 
  • Aveng HCM Training development and delivery
  • Mentec – Presenting SAP custom training TERP31 (HCM) and HR050E (HCM)
  • Ekurhuleni Municipality - CRM Training


  • McDonalds – HCM training development and delivery
  • Aveng HCM Training development and delivery
  • Imperial Wave 2 Training material development and delivery of SAP MM, FI, CO, SD, EWM, PM, TM and Soft Skills training for Train-the-Trainer approach. The WPB tool was used. 
  • Transnet – FAS Project 
  • Lonmin – Training material development on SPP for Smelter


  • Transnet – FAS Project using SPP (Ancile uPerform)
  • Multichoice SA – Training Development on FI, CO, SD, MM and CS using Epiplex and Training delivery in Namibia
  • Aveng Trident Steel – Training development on SAP PP
  • Lonmin - Training material development on SPP for critical SOP's


  • Developing training material using Epiplex for Sappi on SAP in PM, MM, SHEQ and PP,
  • Developing SAP CRM training material at Tshwane Municipality using SPP (ANCILE uPerform),
  • Developing SAP CRM training material at Barlowold BWE using SPP (ANCILE uPerform),
  • Developing SAP training material at Diplomat SA using WPB and delivering training on FI, SD, WM, MM, CO and HR,
  • Development of SAP HR training material using WPB at AVENG and delivering some of the training, and
  • Development of SAP training material at Dimension Data that include the following SAP modules FI, SD, MM and CO using Captivate.


  • Rendering Stock and Distribution (S&D) support and training as well as managing the S&D project training material and training access on the EKP LMS from Epiance at Multichoise SA, and
  • Developing training material using Epiplex for Sappi on SAP in PM, MM, SHEQ and PP.

Our member’s experience includes a variety of activities ranging from Project Management to the development and delivery of training on SAP and Non-SAP material via Mondial IT at Eskom, Transnet Pipelines, Transnet  Stream O, TSB Malelane and Pongola, Standard Bank, NIA and Lonmin.

We extend thanks to all the people at the different customers with whom we have fostered lasting relationships for their support and co-operation.

Looking at the future of Blue Ray we are excited with the prospect of new customers, new challenges and continuous growth.