About Us

Established in 2007, Blue Ray Consulting Services is a vibrant service provider offering end-to-end learning solutions to help customers realise their objectives effectively and efficiently.

The effective training of your employees is fundamental to your business success.  By combining our knowledge and experience we offer a comprehensive service starting with understanding your business needs, developing a strategy and implementing a focused learning solution to assist you to achieve a well trained workforce able to deliver on your objectives.

Developing a learning solution that is not only effective, but also appealing to the target audience using related software and general learning principles, enables us -by collaborating with you- to provide a professional and efficient learning experience.

Although our focus is on SAP learning solutions, we have successfully delivered training material varying from Facilitated Classroom Training, Modular Training, Context sensitive Help and e-learning in SAP and non-SAP working environments. We believe that a learning solution must be current, dependable and appealing in order to penetrate the target audience. Maximum learner engagement is obtained through a customized design approach combined with relevant expertise.

Together we can realise the full value of your learning intervention investment.

BRCS’s mission is to deliver professional service to our customers that enhance their productivity and profitability.

BRCS has highly skilled resources that can deliver on your business needs.  Drawing on wide-ranging experience our team delivers varied skills that covers process knowledge, learning solutions, training and excellent business support.

Given the ever changing global economies and subsequent business needs, we strive to deliver current applicable solutions.

Where we cannot provide a comprehensive solution we will partner with other service providers to ensure the best skills and expertise are resourced.